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Here’s What the Internet Is Saying About the 2024 Ram 1500 REV Pickup

First, let’s see what the people responsible for the Ram have to say, now that it’s out in the open. In an interview with MotorTrend, Ram CEO Mike Koval, Jr. tells us “You don’t abandon your core,” showing the brand’s belief that they are delivering on what customers expect. The REV design is a response to a months-long polling process of Ram and truck owners to delivery on their expectations. As for the design departure from the concept to production, we’ll have to follow up with Koval, but it likely boils down to building an aerodynamic shape and keeping things practical for the real-world, including safety requirements, for the production model. But what does everyone else think?

As for media, The Drive determined the actual truck is “tame by comparison,” but that “may be for the better” given the success of the F-150 Lightning’s straightforward approach in offering an electric version of what people expect from a normal truck, including the looks. Teslarati highlighted that it remains “unclear if the historic American truck can achieve its new herculean task” of matching its claims of offering superior range, payload, towing, and charge time figures against EV competitors when it goes on sale at the end of 2024. Reader comments on the Road & Track article feel that the truck “seems like a letdown” compared to the concept, including a broader complaint that “I highly doubt any EV truck will ever meet our needs.”

Autoblog determined that “most of the revolution is under the skin,” while Electrek thinks, “it is a stretch for Ram to think they are starting something revolutionary with their electric truck,” and Car And Driver posits that, “based on the conventional look of this production truck, we don’t expect it to incorporate many of the concept version’s more outlandish features.” Edmunds finds the reserved looks could be a “good thing” in the “age of the Cybertruck.”

Perhaps the best gauge of the new Ram’s success will be on the forum pages of both Ram and its competitors. Members on the Ram EV forums complained that they “liked the suicide doors, multi-function tailgate and pass through into cab which appear to have been removed,” while others were “glad they decided to stick with the true Ram look,” and loved “how this is true to the Ram bones!” On the Ram 1500 Revolution forums, the temperature was the same, with many users expressing disappointment about the production truck lacking features from the concept: “Where’s the sleek, sporty, muscular looking concept design? That’s what had me excited.”

The responses on the Ford F-150 Lightning owner forums were a little more glib: “They copied Ford’s idea but it took them three years to do so,” and, “I figured with the extra time they’d have something more bespoke than what Ford came up with. Nope. It’s just a ram with an electric drivetrain.” Another member thought Ram’s plan makes sense: “They need to convert some of their customers to EVs. Not changing too much at once will ease those guys in to it.”

Some were more curious about Ram’s other plans, including a range extender hybrid: “Personally, I do a decent amount of towing with my vehicle so I am intrigued by the range extender.” The Mach-E forums were also mostly into it with a caveat: “At very least they need to keep to the advertised 500 mile range and 800-volt architecture otherwise I’m out.”

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