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Electric Cars

Here’s Why Your 2021 Volkswagen ID4 Might Randomly Shut Off While Driving

It’s not great when a car won’t start. It’s much worse when the car stops going on, say, a busy highway—through no fault of the driver. But that’s what might happen to 2021 Volkswagen ID4 electric SUVs, which may experience an issue that could stop power from flowing between the high-voltage battery (HVB) and the electric motor or motors that drive the vehicle. This could lead to a scary situation of being stuck on the side of the road while vehicles and semi trucks whiz by at high speed.

The module that controls the power flow between the HVB and the pulse inverter control module is the culprit in this issue. Imagine in a hypothetical gas car, if the signal telling your fuel pump to run suddenly went away—the end result wouldn’t be much different. In this case, the HVB module will reset itself while driving your 2021 Volkswagen ID4, and it will do so without warning. You could be cruising along at 65 to 75 mph and suddenly there is no power being sent from the HVB to the pulse inverter control module—essentially the EV’s engine control module (ECM)—resulting in your VW EV slowing down to a halt while a warning message is displayed. Apparently, the software that was programmed into the HBV control module is a little too sensitive in certain situations, which can lead to an “incorrect evaluation of internal measurement values” the pulse inverter control module is looking for.

Fortunately, because this is a software issue, it doesn’t require the replacement of any physical parts. Instead, the software gets updated by VW and the issue is fixed, but it has prompted a recall by the manufacturer. If your ID4 was produced between May 26, 2020 and January 20, 2022, then it is part of this recall. If it was made after that date, then the software in your VW EV is updated and shouldn’t experience this issue. If you’re unsure of how to find your production date, you can call VW with your VIN to see, or use NHTSA’s website to enter it to check for it and any other recalls you might not be aware of.

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