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Electric Cars

Ram Confirms Production Name for Its Electric Pickup Truck

It’s not the most thrilling choice—we’d have gone with Ram Charger—and isn’t nearly as cool as Lightning or Cybertruck, but at least Ram didn’t just add “EV” or “Electric” to 1500 and call it a day. To attract consumers, the REV will trade on much more than its name, however. Ram hopes to set its truck apart with sleeker, sportier styling, as well as a number of innovative and unusual features not normally seen in pickup trucks.

Among those unique selling points: a third row of seats and an 18-foot-long passthrough that runs from the frunk up front all the way to the tailgate. Those are just two of the concept’s wild features anticipated to reach the consumer version; you can also likely expect highly versatile cargo rails in the cabin, bed, and frunk; a powered midgate; as well as a “Shadow” function whereby the truck—sans driver—will slowly follow behind you if you need to quickly move the vehicle without hopping in. Unfortunately, the incredibly cool coach doors won’t make the cut.

The Ram 1500 REV will be unveiled sometime within the next few months and hit the streets next year, arriving late to an electric truck segment bursting with entries, including the aforementioned Ford F-150 Lightning and (maybe) Tesla Cybertruck; GM’s Silverado, Hummer, and Sierra EVs; the Rivian R1T, and more.

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