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Watch the Outgoing Kia Stinger Cry in an Epically Sappy Tribute

With cool shooting brake-ish styling, gobs of horsepower, and an optional AWD drivetrain, there is a lot to love about the Kia Stinger. When we drove the GT2 AWD back in 2020, we pleaded with the masses to focus their attention on Kia’s criminally underrated sports sedan before it was too late. Alas, that time approaches. We all know by now that pretty much every major automaker is shifting focus to produce more EVs in coming years and Kia is no exception. Not only does Kia produce one of the cheapest 2023 EVs in the Niro EV, the automaker is also gunning for performance with the new EV6 GT.

Unfortunately, the rise of the 576-horsepower EV6 GT means the sunset for the Stinger GT as a performance flagship for the brand. We totally get it though, the Stinger GT is far from the last ICE sports car that will go away as the EV future rapidly approaches. The thing is, the Stinger was special. While Stinger sales didn’t set any records, its group of fans are passionate and Kia is smart enough to recognize it. Rather than unceremoniously booting the Stinger from the line up, Kia has elected to give the car its due in a gloriously sappy tribute video.

In the short film, the Stinger and the EV6 actually have a “conversation” with the Stinger sedan revving its 3.3-liter turbocharged V-6 and the all-electric EV6 hatch responding with its simulated tech-y engine sounds. Everything is subtitled so those of us who don’t speak car can follow along. The two cars compare specs and accolades before taking to the track to race each other rip a few synchronized drifts and donuts.

It all culminates in a close up shot of rain crossing the Stinger’s headlight that we swear plays as if the car is crying. We realize how it sounds but see it for yourself and you tell us if it didn’t hit you in the feels. It’s hilariously and magnificently sappy in the best way.

There’s no way Ferrari doesn’t commission an aria from Andrea Bocelli to send off whatever the last combustion supercar makes its final drive out of Maranello. We have our tissues and popcorn ready.

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