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2024 Integra Type S Makes North American Debut This Weekend at Daytona

With all of the action taking place at Daytona this weekend, including Acura’s new ARX-06 LMDh competitor being pushed into battle, the automaker will also be displaying the Type S version of the controversial modern Integra five-door.

Controversial based on its design, which rides a fine line between the current Civic and previous ILX,  leaving fans and enthusiasts who were perched on the edge of their seats when the new Integra was first announced to quickly tear it down once it debuted. Many were upset with the toned-down styling and the use of five doors, and Acura tasked a trio of tuner savvy “influencers” with modifying three examples prior to SEMA to show off the Integra’s potential for the enthusiast crowd.

Beyond the aesthetic of the modern-day Integra, anger over the social media airwaves was apparent once its 1.5-L turbocharged heart, borrowed from the Civic Si, was announced as its motivator. The Type S, however, aims to change the minds of everyone with a slightly different look and a far more performance-minded power plant that seems more in line with the Integra nameplate.

The 2024 Integra Type S will once again borrow from the Civic’s parts bin, but it’s the good stuff, based on the Civic Type R’s highly touted 2.0L VTEC engine and exclusively available with the Civic’s snappy 6-speed manual transmission and limited slip. With the CTR’s power output rated at 315 hp, most expect that the new Type S will equal or slightly better that number.

The Daytona visit will include the car’s signature Type S camouflage, but visible changes include what look to be slightly wider hips and shoulders, triple exhaust finishers similar to the Type R, integrated side diffusers along its side skirts, and a reshaped and more aggressive front fascia with larger side grill openings. The slightly disguised version of the prototype will be on display in the paddock of Florida’s Daytona International Speedway during the exciting race weekend and gets lead vehicle honors to kick off the prestigious motorsports event.

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