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Honda Taketh, Honda Giveth Back: Cheaper Civic, CR-V Models Return to Lineup

Late last year, Honda rolled out the second model year of its 11th-generation Civic, which was all-new for 2022, with a crucial exclusion: the Civic LX sedan and hatchback, the cheapest versions you could buy, were gone. That left the Civic Sport as the entry-level-est model in 2023—which is fine, given the Sport comes with attractive black-painted wheels and other minor upgrades over the LX—but it also costs notably more. By axing the LX, Honda effectively raised the Civic’s base price to the Sport’s level, well beyond its competitors’ lowest prices.

Per Car and Driver, and confirmed to MotorTrend by Honda, the LX is being unburied for 2023. Honda, it seems, learned that customers missed the basic trim level, which we understand has long been among the Civic’s most popular variants, though in the past few years the mid-level Sport has become ascendant. Dating back to the last-generation Civic, the Sport has been the most popular model by far.

The Civic LX’s return is joined by the similar revival of the LX trim level for the CR-V lineup. (The most recent CR-V, new for 2023, skipped the LX at first, kicking things off with the higher-grade EX.) Both moves effectively lower the entry prices for both Hondas, by offering models beneath the Civic Sport and the CR-V EX.

Prices for the rest of the Civic and CR-V lineups don’t change, but the 2023 Civic LX sedan neatly undercuts the existing four-door Sport by $1,600, coming in at $24,545. That’s not quite as cheap as the LX was before Honda pulled it from the lineup, but it represents a welcome discount nonetheless. Also returning is the Civic LX hatchback, which rings in at $25,545, $1,400 less than the Civic Sport hatchback models.

As before, figure on these Civic LXs to come equipped more sparingly than the Sports, with no split-folding rear seat, steel wheels with hubcaps instead of aluminum wheels, and bare plastic steering wheels that do without the Sport’s leather wrapping.

Full 2023 Civic Lineup Pricing:

Trim Level and Body Style Price (incl. dest. )
2023 Civic LX sedan $24,545
2023 Civic LX hatchback $25,545
2023 Civic Sport sedan $26,145
2023 Civic Sport hatchback $26,945
2023 Civic EX sedan $27,545
2023 Civic EX-L hatchback $29,700
2023 Civic Touring sedan $31,145
2023 Civic Sport Touring hatchback $32,500
2023 Civic Si sedan $29,595
2023 Civic Type R $44,390

And What About the CR-V?

The heretofore entry-level CR-V EX still costs $32,905 to start, with all-wheel drive adding $1,500. That makes the returning LX variant quite a deal, as it starts at $29,505, $3,200 less than the EX. Here, too, AWD adds $1,500. So far Honda has yet to outline the specific feature differences between the basic LX CR-Vs and the EXs, but look for the latter’s sunroof and aluminum wheels to go at the very least. Traditionally, base-level CR-Vs have rolled on steel wheels with or without hubcaps while forgoing niceties such as a sunroof, leather-wrapped steering wheel, and other minor trim differences.

Full 2023 Honda CR-V Lineup Pricing:

Trim Level Price (incl. dest. )
2023 CR-V LX $29,505 (+$1,500 for AWD)
2023 CR-V EX $32,905 (+$1,500 for AWD)
2023 CR-V Sport Hybrid $34,245 (+$1,500 for AWD)
2023 CR-V EX-L $35,555 (+$1,500 for AWD)
2023 CR-V Sport Touring Hybrid $40,395 (incl. AWD)

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