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Look, Ma! No-Hands Driving Certified for Mercedes-Benz in the U.S.

Move over, Tesla—Mercedes-Benz has become the first automaker certified for SAE Level 3 hands-free driving in the U.S. in a standard-production (albeit luxury) vehicle. Nevada has certified Mercedes’ Drive Pilot system for conditional automated driving on public freeways. The automaker will offer Drive Pilot as an option on 2024 Mercedes-Benz S-Class and EQS electric sedans, to be shipped from Germany to customers in the United States starting in the second half of 2023.

The move follows similar certification in Germany last year, where Level 3 vehicles are legally allowed to drive themselves, with drivers prepared to take over if prompted, on parts of the Autobahn at limited speeds. Level 3 allows for hands-free driving, much like Level 2 systems on cars today. The difference: Level 2 will disengage if the driver does not pay attention to the road. Level 3 does not require the driver to pay attention, but the driver must be prepared to resume control when prompted, such as when an emergency vehicle approaches.

How It Works

The system will be allowed on some sections of freeway and operate up to 40 mph, making it a tool for hands-free driving in traffic. Vehicles will let the driver know when conditions are suitable at which point the driver can activate Drive Pilot which will take over driving control, following all traffic signs, and reacting to the vehicles around it as it accelerates and brakes as necessary. If the driver is prompted to take control and fails to do so after repeated warnings, the vehicle will be brought to a stop, engage the hazard warning lights, make an emergency call and unlock the doors for first responders.

Mercedes submitted the necessary paperwork late last year to certify Level 3 driving of some of its high-end vehicles in the United States—specifically California and Nevada for starters. The hope was, if all went smoothly, drivers of the S-Class or EQS sedans equipped with Drive Pilot Level 3 would be able to legally check their email or watch a movie in certain states by mid-2023. Things went smoothly indeed, with quick approval by the state of Nevada. Mercedes awaits a decision on the California application.

Matthias Struck, team lead for autonomous driving at Mercedes-Benz, previously told MotorTrend that once certification is approved, it would take a few months to produce vehicles with the system and ship them to the U.S. for sale.

Equipped for Safety

The cars have a lot of redundancy for safety. Demonstration vehicles MotorTrend has tried in Germany are equipped with five radars, six cameras, a wetness sensor, 12 ultrasonic sensors, a positioning system, microphones inside the car, and lidar for a total of 35 devices working together for a safe trip using detailed digital maps and data.

Mercedes-Benz was the first automaker to become internationally certified for Level 3 autonomous driving in the world when it was granted that status in Germany in May 2022, and is now commercially available on the two flagship sedans. Certification in Germany took just four weeks.

The U.S. is different because rules differ across the country, and driving laws are regulated state by state. In Germany, driving regulations are national law, equally applicable in all regions. Eventually Mercedes wants to add more states, countries, and models running Drive Pilot Level 3.  

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