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Vin Diesel Says the Villain In Fast X, Part II Is AI And Self Driving Cars

By now you’ve probably seen the new Fast X trailer, along with a few million other folks. The franchise that kicked off 22 years ago has come along way from gangs stealing DVD players from trucks and street races. Heck, in the last movie, Vin Diesel’s “Dom” pulled off a Tarzan swing in a Dodge Charger SRT and a few members of his crew went to space in a freakin’ Pontiac Fiero. Throughout the films, Dom and his “family” have taken on spies, terrorist cells, and international crime syndicates—a far cry from boosting VCRs. So, who will the protagonist be in the final installment of the Fast franchise, Fast X, uh, Part II? Brace yourselves: The villain in the next movie will be AI and self driving cars.

In an interview with Variety (via CBR) Vin Diesel spoke about casting Robert Downey Jr. as the big bad in Fast X part 2. “Without telling you too much about what happens in the future, there’s a character who is the antithesis of Dom who is promoting AI and driverless cars and a philosophy that with that goes your freedom,” said Diesel. “There is somebody that believes that’s the future, and that’s at direct odds with the Toretto mentality.” In his own muscle-bound, one-liner way, Diesel does make a good point. Despite, the inevitability of the EV future, there are those who see self-driving electric cars as an enemy to driving freedom. Just look to the still all-too-common practice of “ICE-ing” as an example of a bad-faith rebellion.

Measure that against the real life example of Elon Musk who, next to likely being an inspiration to the character Diesel’s talking about, really believes humans must become cyborgs and is one of the biggest proponents of self driving vehicles—even if they don’t always work so well. Frankly, in the second Fast X installment, you surely have the ingredients for a plot ripped straight (okay, adapted) from the headlines. Considering that Robert Downey Jr. played billionaire genius Tony Stark for over a decade, hosted a YouTube series about the future of A.I., and is behind a show about converting ICE cars to EVs, Diesel’s pick could be called inspired casting, if not a bit on the nose.

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