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Toyota Turned Its New Grand Highlander SUV Into a Giant Nintendo Console

In what has to be the automotive equivalent of candy in the grocery check-out aisle, Toyota has already customized the new 2024 Grand Highlander three-row SUV—and the company has done it up as a giant Nintendo system on wheels.

You see, Toyota is promoting a giveaway in which 500 Grand Highlander customers will receive a Nintendo Switch-OLED Model and a copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and if somehow your kids don’t read about this on social media, they’ll find out about it at the Chicago auto show. There’s no missing the red, white and blue Nintendo Switch Grand Highlander on the floor of McCormick Place, though we could see it being mistaken for a Domino’s Pizza delivery vehicle.

Show-goers will be able to clamber inside the Nintendo Switch Grand Highlander, sit in the third row, and play Mario Kart 8 (on a Nintendo Switch, natch) using a massive screen and an equally massive cluster of speakers. It’s a fine distraction, no doubt, from the less-than-optimal comfort of the Grand Highlander’s third row seat.

The irony here is that the Nintendo Switch OLED’s unique selling propositions are its bright screen and rich speaker system, neither of which is put to use in the Nintendo Switch Grand Highlander. Not to mention that the Switch OLED looks to be permanently mounted in a display case, also taking away its portability.

Still, we’re sure this’ll be a must-see for the kids, and once they get wind of the Nintendo Switch giveaway, don’t be surprised if your children suddenly start trying to convince you that you need a new SUV—specifically, a certain new-for-2024 three-row Toyota. If those kids haven’t figured it out yet, they’ll want to play up the price difference between a new SUV and, say, a Nintendo Switch, and then annoy the hell out of you until you relent and spend the few hundred bucks for the video game system.

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