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Wanna Hose- or River-Proof Your Jeep Wrangler’s Interior? Mopar’s Got Vinyl for That

Water stays outside! Like a horror film in slow motion, you’ve probably frantically reiterated some version of this message to your toddler or dog as he or she sprinted toward your home’s interior with a running garden hose gripped firmly in a wet little hand (or mouth). There are places water can—and should—go, and those where it cannot. Your car is another example. Exteriors can get wet, and even need to in order to be cleaned. The interiors, where all those precious electronics live, all wrapped in stain-able fabrics and soft leathers? Yep, that better stay dry, even if it’d be so much easier to clean up the mud, dust, and food scraps that come to coat your car interior by simply blasting it all with a hose.

That counts double for any vehicle designed for playing around in the dirt and whose roof, doors, and even windshield can be removed—like, say, the Jeep Wrangler. Luckily, the 4×4 has long enjoyed a more water-resistant-than-normal interior, along with splash-proof radios and drain plugs in the floor for evacuating water from the footwells. (The Ford Bronco touts these capabilities, too.) And now there are a few new options for JL-generation Jeep Wrangler owners that allow owners to be a little less careful with water near their cabins.

Mopar’s Jeep Performance Parts (JPP) team has released a heavy-duty floor system and heavy-duty vinyl seat covers for four-door gas, diesel, and hybrid JL Jeep Wranglers. The JPP heavy-duty flooring system (SKU: 82216498AC; order code CKJ) is a complete vinyl flooring setup (not just floor mats) that replaces all of the existing floor carpeting with commercial-looking plastic. The black flooring is perfectly molded to the Wrangler’s floor, and has plentiful traction while also keeping heat and noise at bay.

As with the carpeting it replaces, the vinyl matting includes four drain plugs that line up with the factory floor drain holes, for ultra-easy evacuation of water and debris. It can be factory-installed at the Mopar Custom Shop for $995 or can be obtained from the Mopar e-Store (store.mopar.com) for $750.

Complementing the durable floor are JPP heavy-duty Katzkin vinyl seats (order code CBU) that can be factory-installed at the Mopar Custom Shop for $1,695. These black vinyl seat covers with Light Tungsten stitching protect against water, mildew, scuffs, tears, fading, and kid-induced events. There’s even a nifty embroidered Jeep Wrangler grille.

So go ahead, give your Wrangler interior a bath, or let your kid near it in a general sense, or let your dog run wild in a rainstorm before driving them home. You could already do that, to a degree, thanks to the Wrangler’s water-resistant seats and interior surfaces, but these new vinyl add-ons practically invite reckless water intrusion.

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