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Ram 1500 Rev Electric Pickup Shockingly Sells Out Quick

We’re going to be honest, we knew that most of the wildest ideas from the Ram 1500 Rev concept weren’t going to make it. That said, we were hoping that some of the more innovative features, like the full floor Ram Tracks, third-row jump seat, and full length “passhole” would have been features that lived into production. That and the Ram 1500 Rev’s late arrival could have spelled trouble for the brand’s first full EV, but apparently not. The truck’s insider membership program has “reached max capacity” and reservations are sold out for now, just a week into the production version’s reveal.

On Friday, the RamRev website announced that you are no longer able to reserve a Ram 1500 Rev. While it was only $100 to get one, we’re still a little surprised at how quickly the order books filled up. It only took seven days for the Ram 1500 Rev to go from announcement to sell out. The only thing we don’t officially know is how many reservations Ram took for its late arriving 1500 EV. Especially with how lukewarm the reception to the EV Ram was when the production version was released.

Reality, sometimes, has a way of averting expectations. If we look at the comparison to the Ford F-150 Lightning and the Chevrolet Silverado EV, the Lightning has been well received because it does look like a regular F-150. The Silverado, on the other hand, looks less conventional and apparently potentially less attractive to traditional truck buyers, with its more Avalanche-like figure.

And it shows when you compare the reservation histories of both electric trucks. In our last check on its reservation numbers, the Silverado was at 140,000 pre-orders in April of 2022—four months after its books opened—and they are still open for Chevrolet’s all-electric pickup right now, nearly closing in on a year later. When Ford opened its reservations in May of 2021 for the F-150 Lightning, it immediately had 44,500 orders within 48 hours and its books closed in December 2021 with 200,000 reservations. Now, we can add the conventional looking Ram 1500 Rev to this list and see that maybe most pickup buyers really only want what they recognize.

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