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13 Stranded Strangers Drive Overnight Together in Real-Life “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles”

Imagine this, you’re trying to get out of Orlando Florida because you have to make it to a court case in the morning. Or, you need to get your daughter to her dream college for a campus tour. Or maybe, you need to help a friend move to Mexico? Now imagine that you are absolutely stuck at the airport because your flight has been delayed and there is nothing the airline can do for you. That is exactly the situation that thirteen strangers found themselves in recently, until a bright idea and a rented GM 15-passenger van saved the day.

Carlos Cordero and his partner Laura Puckering had an appointment for their daughter Mikayla to go on a campus tour of the University of Tennessee. Farming industry influencer Michelle Miller needed to be in Knoxville for a conference. Robin needed to go to a custody case. Another person just needed to be at work in the morning. But Frontier Airlines had canceled their flight had nothing else available.

Out of frustration Miller asked an attendant at the airline desk “Why don’t you guys just get us like, a big bus or like a van or something?” Another traveler, Amy overheard and thought it was a great idea, so she turned to the stranded crowd and asked “who wants to go in on a van?!” After a bit of hesitation, Michelle, Robin, Carlos, Laura, Mikayla, and six others all joined Amy and rented what appears to be either a Chevy Express or identical GMC Savana 15-passenger van from the Hertz rental counter. Why Hertz? It was the only rental outfit without a line. Luckily for them, Herz had the van at the ready. If the only vehicle available was, say, a subcompact like a Kia Rio, then the story would have gone very differently.

At about 9:30 pm that night the group of travelers embarked on their journey to Knoxville. Eventually one of the passengers, Alanah Story, started livestreaming the trip on her TikTok account—and within hours it had millions of views. Viewers kept asking for updates as the audience followed along and made comments that this situation would make for a good movie.

The unlikely group made it to Knoxville by 8:30 am the following morning with everyone able to make it to their respective engagements, responsibilities, and appointments in time. It just goes to show that humanity isn’t totally doomed—at least not by air travel—as long as there is hope, some game strangers, and a massive GM van nearby.

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