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Mercedes E-Class Interior, BMW X5 M, X6 M, Barn Finds: RAC Podcast 112

We have lots of news from Germany to discuss this week, covering tech-heavy sedans, fast SUVs, and one supremely expensive special edition Porsche. Meanwhile in America, there’s a refreshed Cadillac XT4, and what’s up with all the cool barn finds lately? Holy Grail Mustangs, seven-figure Duesnbergs, and more are coming at you on this week’s podcast: catch us on major platforms like Spotify, Apple, Amazon, YouTube, and more. Or, watch us here.

And get ready for Rambling About Cars LIVE, coming March 22! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and you can join us for the fun. We can see your comments from those social platforms and interact in real time. It will be a blast!

In the meantime, we have German activity happening this week. Mercedes-Benz has a new E-Class sedan coming soon and images of the interior were released as a teaser. As you’d expect, it’s a digital affair and it looks quite good, but it’s also packed with features you may not expect from Mercedes, like a preloaded TikTok app. As for BMW, we already have the hot M versions of the recently revealed X5 and X6, featuring a mild-hybrid powertrain with an electric motor offering a bit more power on its own. But somehow, the combined power output and performance are identical to the older models. Yes, we discuss this.

And how about the (deep breath) 2023 Porsche 911 GT3 RS Tribute To Carrera RS? Yes, that’s one long name and this week we learned a few more things about it. We also learned what’s new with the refreshed Cadillac XT4, and thanks to a great Rambler out there, we had a great discussion on vehicle design and evolution through the years. Want to inspire more great Rambling About Cars discussions? Email us your thoughts on anything car related: [email protected]

We wrap this week’s episode with the fantastic world of barn finds. It’s every car nut’s dream to stumble upon a hidden automotive gem nestled inside an old barn or garage, just waiting to be rediscovered. Motor1.com has covered all kinds of barn finds recently, from an epic 1931 Duesenberg to a classic BMW 2000 CS, old muscle car barn finds, and even a recent Chevrolet SSR that was apparently driven a few weeks and just dropped into a dusty barn for 18 years. These videos allow us the opportunity to at least taste the barn find dream, albeit briefly. Frankly, it’s amazing this subject hasn’t been discussed on the podcast before now.

Rambling About Cars Preview:

More debuts and quirky subjects are popping up as we approach the end of February. We will have some very curious vehicles to chat about next week, including a ridiculously overpowered SUV from a very unexpected source. And keep March 22 open on your calendar. We can’t wait to go live with all the Ramblers out there.

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