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Best Spy Shots For The Week Of February 20

Motor1.com puts up spy shots of upcoming vehicles practically every day and sometimes more often than that. If you want to stay on the cutting edge of what’s on the way check out this list of all of the glimpses of development vehicles from the past week.

Here’s what Hyundai plans for its updated i10. The engineers cover up the nose and tail of the little car to keep the public from seeing the changes.

The current iteration of the Hyundai Sonata is only a couple of years old, but the brand appears to be readying some extensive changes to it for a future update.

Kia has lots more EVs on the way. The EV9 will be among the biggest of them.

We are seeing a lot of the Lamborghini Aventador successor recently. It sports a similar look to the previous model but with larger intakes, especially on the side.

Land Rover is preparing an even more rugged and possibly more powerful model to fit above the Defender V8.

Maserati is preparing a new droptop version of the Gran Turismo. It will be mechanically similar but will offer the ability to retract the roof.

Here’s a trio of Mercedes-Benz CLA sedans. These are the next-gen model and possibly have electric powertrains.

The Mercedes-Benz V-Class is a commercial van, and it is about to receive a big interior upgrade.

Peugeot is preparing to give the 2008 a refresh with an updated look for the nose and tail.

This Kodiaq development vehicle wears the model’s production body. The grille seems a bit taller than the existing one. The bottom portion of the split headlights is larger.

Volkswagen is working on an even smaller EV that would fit below the ID.3. This one is still under heavy camouflage to keep the world from seeing the final design.

The VW ID. Buzz van will receive a long-wheelbase version for folks looking for more room. This will also be the version that the United States will get.

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