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Ferrari F8 Tributo Used As Rally Car Doesn’t Mind Getting Dirty

Ferrari is known to be overly protective of its cars even after they leave the factory and has a habit of keeping a close eye on what people do to their prancing horses. We are fairly certain the Italians won’t appreciate what this F8 has gone through as the high-performance coupe was abused on a makeshift off-road course. In an obvious attempt to defy the Maranello brand, a popular YouTuber didn’t hesitate to trash around his new-to-him Tributo. 

Although supercars are delicate machines that require great care, WhistlinDiesel didn’t mind pushing hard the 710-horsepower coupe on gravel and grass. It’s not every day that we see a Ferrari going up and down a muddy hill, let alone one performing a reverse 180. The F8 deliberately smashed into the gate belonging to private property, and while some error messages appeared on the dash, the car remained fully functional.

This Tributo is from 2020 and has barely been used by the past owner since the odometer is only showing about 3,000 miles (a little over 4,800 kilometers) on the clock. Because no Ferrari is bought in the standard specification, it has quite a few pricey options that jacked up the bill to a cool $400,000. It’s already been modified since the OEM wheels were swapped with a Vossen custom set while the extremely loud exhaust is aftermarket as well.

After the bumpy adventure off the beaten path, the F8 was thoroughly cleaned using a power washer to get rid of all the dirt. The last order of business was to place the exotic sports car in a protective bubble that turned out to be sturdy after being attacked with ladders, tools, cones, a fuel canister, and a tire.

The gist of WhistlinDiesel’s video is that he clearly isn’t afraid of any legal repercussions he might have to face after Ferrari sees what the helpless F8 Tributo has gone through. On the other hand, it goes to show the supercar can take a beating without any real issues even though it was engineered primarily for smooth tarmac.

We have a feeling this is not the end of the story as the new owner is likely thinking of fresh ways to upset Ferrari and purists by subjecting the F8 to other harsh durability tests.

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