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Maserati Levante Modena S Drag Races Mercedes-AMG CLS 53, BMW M550i

In the past, performance vehicles were often associated only with coupes and sedans. In the world we are living now, however, there’s one new breed of go-fast vehicles – the sport utility vehicles. There are plenty of powerful SUVs from many automakers and we know they can compete against performance vehicles from other categories. Is the same also true for the Maserati Levante? Let’s find out.

In this video from Sam CarLegion on YouTube, the Italian SUV appears in Modena S version, which isn’t the model’s range-topper in terms of performance but is still a very decent sporty SUV. Under the hood is a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, good for 580 horsepower (432 kilowatts) and 538 pound-feet (729 Newton-meters) of torque. An eight-speed ZF automatic transmission channels the power to all four wheels. The SUV weighs 5,080 pounds (2,304 kilograms).

In this drag race, the Levante challenges two performance sedans. On one of its sides is a Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 with its 3.0-liter inline-six mild-hybrid engine. It delivers 429 hp (320 kW) and 384 lb-ft (521 Nm) of twist to all four wheels via a nine-speed automatic transmission. It is lighter than the Maserati at 4,455 lbs (2,021 kg).

The third contender comes from Munich and has a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 under the bonnet. The M550i xDrive has 523 hp (390 kW) and 553 lb-ft (750 Nm) of torque, delivered – as its name implies – to both axles via BMW’s xDrive AWD system and an eight-speed automatic gearbox. It is also the lightest at 4,383 lbs (1,988 kg).

As we know from previous drag races, the most powerful vehicle doesn’t always win the drag race. Factors like traction and weight also play a very significant role. This said, the Maserati is by far not the slowest of the trio and shows some strong muscles in the standing start and rolling races.

Note: Maserati Levante Hybrid pictured in the gallery.

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