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McLaren Artura A Vital “Clue” In Hasbro’s Online Murder Mystery

McLaren has partnered with Hasbro to bring fans of the classic Clue board game a new murder mystery experience. The month-long game, which is hosted exclusively on Instagram, will challenge players all over the world to solve the mysterious death of one Boddy Black, an owner of an all-new McLaren Artura supercar. The campaign aims to celebrate the re-launch of the iconic board game from the late ’40s.

The game begins with a trailer showcasing the McLaren Artura parked outside Black’s Tudor mansion, revealing that his most prized possession was his new British hybrid supercar finished in vibrant orange.

The official Clue Instagram (@officialclue) will share new evidence every day, including suspect testimonies, witness statements, and first-person accounts to engage global players in an immersive Clue mystery. The clues will feature metahuman characters based on the game suspects, who will lead participants through the twists and turns of the game.

In the second week, a unique piece of evidence will be shared on McLaren Automotive’s North American Instagram channel (@mclarennorthamerica). This evidence may be a crucial piece of information that could help solve the mystery of the killer’s identity. At the end of March, the game will conclude in a rush to claim Black’s beloved supercar, with suspects including Chef White, Miss Scarlett, and Mayor Green, all vying for the prize.

The murder mystery game could be a fun way to put both the Clue board game and McLaren’s Artura supercar in the spotlight. The Artura is the brand’s newest hybrid supercar, the first model in the range to benefit from the McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA).

By tapping into the popularity of social media and the nostalgia of a classic game, McLaren has created a cool marketing strategy that is sure to engage players and generate buzz on Instagram, which, by the way, has more than one billion monthly active users and has a wide and diverse user base.

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