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No More Manual Trans in 2024 Subaru Crosstrek, But EyeSight Is Standard

  • The 2024 Subaru Crosstrek, debuting this week at the Chicago auto show, gets thinner headlights, a larger grille, stiffer chassis, and more black plastic body cladding.
  • Base and Premium trims of the new Crosstrek use a 2.0-liter four-cylinder boxer engine with 152 hp, while Sport and Limited versions have a 2.5-liter boxer that produces 182 hp. Active torque vectoring and all-wheel drive are standard.
  • The 2024 Subaru Crosstrek will start at $26,290, the same as the 2023 model with a CVT. The top-of-the-line Limited trim starts at $32,190. The first models arrive in spring.

    Subaru calls the 2024 Crosstrek “all-new,” but the just-unveiled third-generation compact crossover doesn’t stray far from the formula that made it the brand’s best-selling model last year. There are plenty of new details, but the spirit and more than a few features of the elevated rugged wagon remain the same.

    Design details are where the 2024 Crosstrek, which debuts this week at the Chicago auto show, sets itself apart. Thinner, more angular headlights and a larger, frameless grille are joined by more black plastic body cladding on the wheel arches and rocker panels. The chassis is also 10% stiffer in the new model thanks to stronger welding techniques and using more structural adhesive.

    EyeSight driver-assist technology is now standard across the line, thanks to Subaru’s decision to eliminate the Crosstrek’s manual transmission option. The automaker’s corporate safety goals require using EyeSight in every car, and that safety technology doesn’t work with a stick-shift.

    Todd Hill, Subaru of America product public relations manager, told Autoweek there’s no technical reason that EyeSight and a manual transmission can’t be engineered to work together. But not having to develop two versions of the safety technology wasn’t the only reason for moving to 100% CVT.

    “The business situation is that the manual transmission is a very slow seller,” he said. “We sell most of our cars in the United States and Japan and in both of those markets, manual transmissions have been rare and getting more and more rare.”

    The 2024 Crosstrek will also use an updated version of EyeSight that can identify bicycles and pedestrians and apply the brakes when necessary. The now-expected active-safety features include reverse automatic braking and blind-spot detection.

    2024 Subaru Crosstrek interior.


    Wireless Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto will also be available in a Crosstrek for the first time. The center infotainment screen is larger, with an 11.6-inch option now available. The 2023 model had an 8-inch screen.

    Powertrain numbers remain almost the same as before. The Base and Premium trims use a 2.0-liter four-cylinder boxer engine that produces up to 152 hp and 145 lb-ft of torque. The Sport and Limited trims have a 2.5-liter boxer that produces 182 hp and 178 lb-ft. A CVT, active torque vectoring, and all-wheel drive are standard.

    Other details from the ‘23 Crosstrek carry over to the new model, like the 8.7-inch ground clearance and many of the key dimensions. Wheelbase, length, and width are all within 0.2 inches of each other, for example, and the 2024 model has just a smidge—0.2 inches—less rear legroom.

    2024 Subaru Crosstrek (photo by Sebastian Blanco).

    The 2024 Subaru Crosstrek will start at $26,290 (including a $1295 destination fee), the same as the 2023 with a CVT. The top-of-the-line Limited trim starts at $32,190. All-weather, safety, and premium sound packages are available and cost between $1795 and $2445 each.

    There’s one other significant change coming with the 2024 Crosstrek: US-based production. Subaru will build some versions of the Crosstrek—the 2.5-liter Sport and Limited—in Indiana. The 2.0-liter Base and Premium trims will continue to be built in Gunma, Japan. The Japan-built models will arrive in the spring, while domestic models will be available in the summer.

    How do you think the Subaru Crosstrek stacks up to other compact crossovers? Please comment below.

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