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See Everything That Happens With Corvette Museum Delivery Option

The Corvette Museum Delivery Experience is a unique option offered by Chevrolet to buyers of the American sports car. The experience allows customers to take delivery of their prized purchase at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. This experience, however, isn’t limited to just taking the keys and driving off with a ‘Vette.

In a Corvette Expert Sessions video, Chevrolet lets us in on a tour of what comes with that whole experience. The process starts with the buyer signing up for the R8C delivery option as soon as they order their Chevy Corvette from the dealership. This delivery option includes a personalized plaque that goes inside the car, which is the first interaction the buyer has with the museum staff.

On the day of the delivery, the buyer is then given a tour of the museum and the plant where their Corvette was built. They also get a chance to participate in a hands-on experience where they can learn about the features of their car in a friendly and supportive environment. Additionally, buyers receive a one-year individual membership to the National Corvette Museum and a membership to the National Council of Corvette Clubs.

Buyers can also take advantage of additional options, such as discounted racing laps on the racetrack or discounts on purchases made at the Corvette store. One of the most popular options is the NCM photo album, which documents the assembly of the car from start to finish, allowing buyers to feel like they are part of the process.

The NCM photo album, which consists of 40+ pages of text and photos, costs an extra $700. It will also come with a letter of authenticity, a letter from the GM Bowling Green Assembly Plant manager and the National Corvette Museum’s executive director, and a back page autograph area for memorable moments/events.

The experience culminates in a ceremonial passing of the keys, where the buyer finally gets to take their Corvette home. According to Chevy, this moment is often emotional, with some buyers even tearing up at the sight of their new car.

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