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See Gorgeous 1970 Ford F-250 Restomod Inside And Out At Jay Leno’s Garage

Square-body pickup trucks from Ford and Chevrolet are hot commodities right now. Being a 1970 Ford F-250, this old truck technically predates the square-body era by a few years but we suspect square truck fans will still love it. This is a legit best-of-both-worlds restomod, combining classic styling with a modern powertrain and convenience features to spare.

The company behind this truck is Florida-based Velocity Modern Classics. If that name sounds famliar, it’s the same group that builds restomod Ford Broncos, and they’ve done quite a few of them. The F-250 is a new offering, built from order to completion in a guaranteed 14-week process. Taking both a classic Bronco and F-250 to Jay Leno’s Garage, we’re treated to a close look at each but the 30-minute clip focuses on the pickup.

The is the first F-250 build from Velocity Modern Classics. On the outside, the old Ford wears original body panels and trim, albeit revitalized to look new. Underneath, you’ll also find the original F-250 frame but from there, the upgrades come aplenty. Gone are the drum brakes, leaf springs, and the old independent I-Beam front suspension. Instead, you’ll find six-piston calipers with big rotors and coilovers at all four corners. 18-inch wheels are wrapped in 33-inch tires, and there’s a new 5.0-liter Coyote V8 crate engine with 480 horsepower and a four-speed automatic transmission under the hood.

Visually speaking, the truck looks wonderfully original but there’s more happening than the casual observer might realize. Those classic headlights are actually LED lenses. Open either door and power-retractible side steps lower into place. The interior is filled with billet trim, all made in-house by Velocity Modern Classics. The dash looks vintage but it’s actually new, wrapped with leather and boasting a digital readout along with the gauges. The seats are leather, and though this is a single-cab pickup, it’s really a four-seater. Per the customer’s request, matching leather seats with seatbelts are mounted in the bed.

As you might imagine, a custom-built truck from the ground up doesn’t come without a cost. Velocity Modern Classics charges upwards of $300,000 for the total build, including the price of the original pickup.

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