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Techart Teases New 800-HP “Super Sportscar” For March 17 Debut

Techart is teasing a new model it plans to reveal on March 17. The car will debut at the Bangkok International Motor Show, where the aftermarket specialist will display some of its other models, such as the GTstreet R.

We don’t know much about Techart’s next super sportscar, which looks like a sleek Porsche 911 under the sheet in the teaser above. The official press release is incredibly light on details. However, the title for the teaser video helpfully revealed that the car would have 800 horsepower (596 kilowatts) on tap when it debuts. This isn’t the first time Techart has touted that number.

The GTstreet R (picture above), which the tuner revealed in 2021, makes the same amount of horsepower. Techart based the car on the 911 Turbo S, significantly increasing the car’s output from 640 hp (477 kW) to 800. It also produces 701 pound-feet (950 Newton-meters) of torque, which Techart’s new car could also churn out. The tuner added new turbochargers, upgraded the exhaust, and uploaded a new tune to make it all mesh and work together.

Techart also swapped out the suspension, offering two upgrades to start. The tuner also added an aero package that widened the car by a full inch at the front, which is something we could see on the next model. 

The tuner says that “maximum performance and lightweight design” are at the heart of the products, and we expect “the new custom-built performance model” to follow the same ethos. It will certainly have the power for that designation. Whatever Techart reveals will likely feature a lot of carbon fiber and other tricks to reduce its curb weight.

There could be a chance this model is a one-off build. Techart might not say much about the car, but it did mention that the car’s debut will coincide with the launch of a new performance division “focusing on a selected individualization range for track day enthusiasts.” Bespoke builds aren’t new, with many automakers, especially luxury ones, willing to build almost anything for the right price. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Techart wade into a similar space with its builds and upgrade packages.

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