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Volkswagen Escape Room Helps Employees Learn How To Make EVs

Due to popular demand, production of the ID.3 will begin this fall at the Wolfsburg plant, which will join Zwickau and Dresden in Germany as well as Anting in China. To prepare its employees for the electric hatchback’s impending arrival, VW has set up an eMotion Room as part of a one-day training program to help them learn about EV manufacturing. It’s already up and running at the factory where there are “three intricately designed rooms.”

Approximately 1,200 workers are set to receive training related to ID.3 production by summer. How does it work? Employees will have to solve various puzzles and problems in each of these three escape rooms within 20 minutes. In the first room, they’ll go back in time by learning about the invention of electric motors in the 19th century.

Moving on to the second room, workers will brush up on their knowledge about the Wolfsburg plant from its inception in the late 1930s to the present day. In the third and final escape room, they’ll get a digital preview illustrating the future of driving when we’ll all inevitably have EVs.

Much like in traditional escape rooms, there will be teams (of four people) tasked to solve problems before being allowed to open the next door. Each team will receive video guidance from two of the company’s instructors. It’s not the first time VW is implementing this unconventional learning procedure as workers at the Zwickau and Emden factories have already experienced the so-called eMotion Room.

In the long run, VW plans to train 22,000 employees in Wolfsburg by 2025. During this interval, it’ll also invest €460 million to retool the factory and accommodate production of the ID.3 facelift as well as a compact electric crossover. Some of the investments will be made to prepare the plant for the next-generation Tiguan debuting later this year.

As a refresher, VW intends to end the production of cars with combustion engines in Europe in a decade. All vehicles manufactured on the Old Continent from 2023 will be EVs. Spy shots from earlier this week have revealed the German brand is already testing an entry-level electric car it’ll slot below the ID.3 in 2025.

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