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Watch Dodge Challenger Demon With Twin Turbos Try To Wheelie On Dyno

Generally speaking, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is a car that doesn’t need any extra help to go really fast. With up to 840 horsepower on tap and a suspension designed for brutal launches at the drag strip, it’s capable of running quarter-mile times under 10 seconds straight from the factory. But that’s the thing about speed – once you reach a certain level, you always want to go a bit faster.

The Challenger SRT Demon featured in this video from MotorTube is a perfect example. The clip already captures our attention simply by featuring an SRT Demon, as these are rare with only 3,300 built during its short production run. Then we get to the real eye-opener for this muscle machine, and it’s not the bright green finish. Instead of going for a pulley and tune to make more power from the supercharged Hellcat V8 engine, this Demon ditches the blower in favor of two turbochargers.

We have the video embedded to start with the dyno pulls, but our TLDR summary for the first half of the clip is that it’s a “budget” project by the owner who wants to take it racing, but only has a week to get everything done. It’s hard to see how swapping an already potent supercharger for turbos is a budget move, but hey, we’re here for the sounds and power just like you. And on those fronts, the Demon definitely delivers.

The first dyno pull with the turbos is essentially a shakedown to see how the components and computer settings get along. Without adjusting any boost nor pushing the engine deep into the rev range, the modded Hellcat V8 posted 625.8 hp to the wheels. Estimating a 15-percent driveline loss, that equates to roughly 720 hp at the crankshaft. Not too shabby for an untuned engine.

With tuning underway, subsequent pulls see power increase substantially. At 10.5 pounds of boost, the Demon makes 893 hp for run number two, then jumps to 941 hp for the third pull. We can’t help noticing some worrying smoke at this point, but it doesn’t deter another run with things dialed in even tighter. The result is a stout 1,132.4 hp at the wheels, and if we figure another 15-percent driveline loss, that equals approximately 1,340 hp at the engine. However, the final run sees a massive amount of smoke from the exhaust. The video ends with the car headed out for an inspection, so its fate is still unknown.

This particular Demon owner isn’t alone in the quest for a more powerful Challenger. Dodge recently dropped its first of four teasers for the final Last Call Challenger, leading up to its debut in March. While details are still unknown, the teaser suggests we could see the Demon return in Redeye trim. Previous rumors said it could have over 900 horsepower, tuned to run on E85 fuel.

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