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Watch Track-Spec Suzuki Jimny Set Tsukuba Ablaze In Time Attack Lap

Japan’s Attack Tsukuba has turned 10 this year. And while the celebration featured the best of the best at the famed Tsukuba Circuit in Japan, there’s one glaring addition to the series of events that truly captured the attention of the attendees – a train of track-spec Suzuki Jimny units from all generations that are lowered and running on circuit-spec rubber, as seen in the video embedded above.

Yes, we know, the Suzuki Jimny is typically modified with off-road-specific accessories and lifted with knobbly rubber under the fenders. However, the modified Jimnys at the Attack meet featured turbo upgrades, big intercoolers, and roll cages.

Rainbow Auto, a Jimny specialist located near RWB in Chiba, has transformed the pocket-sized Suzuki off-roaders into track-ready, time attack weapons.

In an interview with Speed Hunters, Rainbow Auto’s show owner wants people to know just how fun Suzuki Jimnys can be when built in this way, and the company brought along a couple of demo car examples of the newest generation Jimny at the Attack meet. One unit was a red Jimny with Rays forged wheels fitted with Yokohama Advan Neova tires. The front wheels on all the Jimnys were sticking out far more than the rears to improve front grip and turn-in.

The Jimnys’ heavily-stripped cabin features at least a roll cage, a Recaro Pro Racer RMS seat with a Willans harness, and a Momo steering wheel. The front-wheel track increase is achieved with serious hub extenders, making the wheelies look even more impactful.

Of course, the Jimny owners at the Attack meet do what they do for fun. However, they still take things seriously when it comes to setup and prep. Some even had proper tire-warming systems to keep their rubber warm. At the end of the day, an older Jimny pickup with over-fenders and BNR32 Skyline GT-R wheels ran the quickest lap of the group.

Overall, the track-spec Suzuki Jimnys were definitely interesting. It proves that even natural-born off-roaders can be fun on the track, too – with the proper modifications and commitment, of course.

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