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Watch Volvos Of All Kinds Go Flat Out On The Nurburgring

We’ll admit that – Volvo isn’t the first brand that comes to our minds we think about the Nurburgring. Possibly the most demanding track in the world is the place where all kinds of Porsche, Lamborghini, BMW, and many other performance brands can be seen most often. But it turns out there’s also a good presence from the Volvo community on the circuit and there’s now a video that highlights some of the coolest, fastest, and funniest cars from the brand on the Nurburgring.

The Auto Addiction channel on YouTube made a compilation of several great Volvos from different eras. All shot at the same location on the track, we see a selection varying from older boxy wagons to yesteryear sporty coupes and modern luxury sedans. Not all of them are pushed to their limits, though there are certain vehicles that are definitely going flat out around the track. We have our favorites but we’d like to also hear which cars you saw in the video caught your attention the most.

The one car that looks most impressive to use isn’t even fast on the Nurburgring. Around the three-minute mark in the video, you’ll see what looks like a white Volvo 740 wagon with a roof tent. It doesn’t go as fast as the surrounding BMWs and a silver Ford Focus ST, but it doesn’t give up despite clearly being prepared for some overlanding fun. Hats off to the driver who cleared the way for the faster vehicles and let them continue racing.

Right after that white Volvo, we see what looks like a Volvo 960 sedan from the middle of the 1990s. The car attacks the corner with a speed that is higher than what the car can cope with and slides dangerously toward the guardrails. Fortunately, the driver manages to regain control of the vehicle and safely stops at the inner side of the corner. A few seconds later, the car is back on track attacking the next corner.

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