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10 Most Memorable Daytona 500s in NASCAR History

Stock car racing has always been something of a family sport. Consider the three generations of Pettys and Earnhardts. There have been the Allisons, the Bakers, the Parsons, the Burtons, the Elliotts, the LaJoies, the Waltrips, the Labontes, the Wallaces, the Marlins, the Bodines, the Jarretts, and on and on and on. You get the idea.

So it was that the 1988 Daytona 500 featured one of NASCAR’s best feel-good stories. At 50, Bobby Allison was one of the sport’s “grand old men,” an enormously popular former champion in the No. 12 Buick for Stavola Brothers Racing. His youngest son, 27-year-old Davey in the No. 28 Ranier Racing Ford, was a talented, dedicated, and passionate racer with his father’s grit and determination.

Their down-to-the-wire finish in ’88 was a classic … son trying to beat his father as their mother/wife, the late Judy Allison, watched with mixed emotions. Father used most of his years of experience to beat his kid, who was in only his second Daytona 500. Bobby ruled the day – it was the last of his 84 career victories – leading 70 of the 200 laps to Davey’s two. (The son went on to win the Daytona in 1992).

But make no mistake: when long-time fans of the 500 talk about their favorites races, the Bobby-Davey 1-2 will always be among them;

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