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The 2024 Volvo EX30 and EX90 SUVs Tell You What Will Fit Inside (Besides People)

Located deep within the bowels of the all-new, all-electric 2024 Volvo EX90 SUV is a hidden message. In keeping with Volvo’s reputation for both station wagons (precursors to modern SUVs such as the EX90) and pragmatism, it has to do with the cargo dimensions of the rear loading area when the seats are all folded flat. Handy graphics displaying some examples of all the various commodities that can be loaded into the EX90 are molded right into the vehicle itself. Following in its footsteps, the compact EX30 SUV features the same gimmick, albeit with different featured accessories.

Volvo EX90 Easter Egg

We say the only thing better than a fun Easter egg is a practical Easter egg, and here Volvo has delivered. In the plastic molding of the rear cargo area, an imprinted graphic shows the exact inner dimensions of the EX90’s cargo area. The rear tailgate opening is 30.7 inches tall and 44.5 inches at its widest point lower down, though be mindful that the opening narrows near the top. Dimensionally, the EX90 offers up to 15 inches of space behind the third row seating, 47.2 inches behind the second row with the third folded flat, and a grand total availability of 74.8 inches of storage depth snuggled up right behind the front passengers.

Along with the displayed dimensions, the EX90’s graphic suggests there’s enough cargo volume available to haul an assortment of stuff beyond your standard stroller or luggage, including a pair of skis, golf clubs, a washing machine and/or dryer, and even some (likely European) refrigerators.

Volvo confirmed to MotorTrend that the graphic is intended to represent an example of various items to haul in various configurations, but the EX90 can’t fit everything shown all at once. It’s just meant to be a quick reference guide for what the EX90 is capable of. Volvo also confirmed that, while these are European model images, the graphic will be the same for the U.S. market.

As far as other easter eggs go, it looks like the common Swedish flag typically sewn into the stitching of Volvo’s seats are no longer present on the EX90’s available wool seat upgrade. However, Volvo tells MotorTrend it’s still there on the available Nordico seating option. All models still get a flag imprinted on the dashboard.

Volvo EX30 Easter Egg

Following in the EX90’s path is the new EX30 all-electric SUV which, despite its compact proportions, promises to carry a solid fraction of what the much bigger three-row EX90 is capable of. A graphic imprinted on the the interior tailgate of the EX30 shows the vehicle’s cargo dimensions and various items that, in various configurations, could potentially fit in the cargo area.

Those items appear to include at least one set of golf clubs, a lamp, a heavy camping pack, snorkeling gear, sizable suitcases, a plant, and a stroller. See, Volvo has thought of everything.

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